From conception to production

If you have an ABYstyle mug or bag, they came from our dedicated production service! Without them, your favourite products would have stayed in a data processor … Not really convenient, even for geeks!

Our production service facilitates the manufacture of our own brand products.

A reactive and cohesive team in France and Europe that transforms concepts from a virtual object into the finished product that you will find on your store shelves.


What’s production?

Planning, organising and coordinating: these are the keywords of the production service. This involves organising the human resources necessary to manufacture our products. Of course, a part of the difficulty resides in the meeting deadlines, costs constraints, security and environment rules.

Concretely, it is choosing the best raw-materials suppliers, selecting the right service provider right up until choosing the best delivery company. Thousands of products are produced each day: a gigantesque job completed with brio with by a highly adaptable team.

Let’s take the creation of a t-shirt as an example: we carefully choose the textile, we propose a stylish garment cut just right, and empower the best performing production teams in order to present you with the best quality article you could wish for as quickly as possible.


Mug ProductionWhen does the production service intervene?

The production service intervenes at the end of the creation of a product. First, imagined by our designers then analysed by the marketing service, the products are then drawn by our graphics artists.

It is only after the product is confirmed that the production service intervenes with the production of the prototype. When the licensor and our other teams are satisfied with the proposed prototype, we can start the production on a larger scale.


Mug ProductionsWho produces the products?

Even if the production services represent the decision-making centre, it is not the service who manufactures 100% of our geek articles! Several structures work on it on a daily basis:

  • Our own in-house workshops in France and England
  • Factories (in France, North Africa & Asia)
  • ESAT (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment) that we train internally.

A large percentage of our products are produced locally, that allows us to exercise better control over the production process and reactivity.

How does the workshop work?

Bag productionSince 2013, we are proud to be able to create some of our products from A to Z in-house. Our internal workshops can produce many types of products: mugs, apparel, bags (messenger bags, wallets…), accessories (cases, mousepads…), framed printsAcryl®, and some prints (POS displays in shops or in exhibitions).

The team includes about 30 people, trained to use specifics machines: cabinet kiln, double-press plate, professional printer, tampo machine, laser cutting/engraving machine… Year after year, we learn, experiment and improve our techniques.

We continue to invest in new machines and new printing and manufacturing techniques.




Why produce our products internally?

Creating an internal production service allows us better control of the products that we sell, to be more reactive on the orders and gives us the guaranty that our products respect our quality ethic.

To be a manufacturer is a strategic choice: be able to respond to your requests as quickly as possible!


To reduce our environmental impact, the Abysse Corp group in France works closely with numerous partners to recycle our waste: CITEO, ECOLOGIC-France, SCRELEC, Eco-Mobilier, Re-Fashion.