The creation at the heart of Abysse Corp

ABYstyle Studio CreationAt Abysse Corp we pay a strict attention to the originality and the quality of the products that we develop for real fans : mugs, t-shirts, figurines, lamps… Our brands are the guaranty of a unique product imagined by us and developed with passion.

That is why two of our services are entirely devoted to creation: the Design Product department and the Graphic Design department.

Thanks to our teams, we offer you surprising, inimitable, and definitely trendy products that scrupulously respect the universes we cherish.


The Design Product Department

DevelopmentAlways on the lookout for an innovative idea, our team of product designers invents the shapes of tomorrow’s objects: colours, materials, size, manufacturing process… Volume, perspective and 3D hold no secrets for them. And for an idea to become a success, several constraints must be taken into account!

As inventors and specialists in derivative product market trends, our designers are at the frontier between creation and manufacturing for an approach that is both aesthetic, innovative and productive. The little extras of Abysse Corp? A thorough knowledge of the manufacturing chain and innovations on a global level, which allows us to be avant-garde on many concepts!


Today, it is a whole team of designers in France who are inventing our product ranges for the coming years!
Each designer has his own specificities according to his product culture. Some are textile-oriented while others have more of a plastic background. Thanks to all these in-house skills, we can develop almost anything: cushions, money boxes, 3D mugs, 3D key rings, etc.!

This is why we are increasingly orienting our offer towards more and more elaborate volume products, but also towards geekstyle and lifestyle creations, i.e. products “for living”, useful and fun!

Dedicated 3D design teams in Asia are also developing new quality ranges of figurines and replicas. Discover our ABYstyle Studio workshop.


The Graphics Department

Composed of 10 passionate people, our graphics department is entirely devoted to bringing stunning graphics to print: t-shirts, mugs, bags, wallets, posters and, of course, all our packaging! Their brief comes directly from the marketing department so that our creations are always on top of the latest market trends.

All our visuals are created internally by fans or for fans. Professionals trained in specialised imaging on graphic-software, our creative team has also a perfect knowledge of the manufacturing process, aiming to guarantee an optimal result on the finished article while respecting the graphic charts of our universes.

“We’ve made a job of our passion; we try to faithfully transpose the universes that we love onto your product. Within the department, everyone has his speciality, his favourite licenses.” Laure, Graphics Manager

The creative process, the birth of a product

Before starting product creation, our team immerses themselves in the licenses they work on.

Our two teams are real encyclopaedias, eating manga, anime, series and movies… And sometimes even going back to start over again!

Then the teams dive into the Style Guides: logos, fonts, copyright, visuals… A kind of creative Bible to be respected at all costs. Without it, we would not know the exact colour code of Superman’s mantle, for example, and Superman dressed in purple? That would be really Bizzaro!


GraphicsSeveral visuals responding to the brief of the marketing department are then created. Together, the two departments will determine the best image to match the demand.

Once the document is confirmed by our services and approved by the licensor, we move to prototyping: we always complete several tests before to obtaining the exact rendering desired.

The product goes back to approbation with the licensor before finally moving to our manufacturing department!


Abysse Corp - 100% officialThe licensor: the final decision

Each license is represented by a “licensor”, those currently responsible for the exploitation of a licence. To exploit the image, we should faithfully meet the requirements of the licensor in order to offer products that are 100% official. A part of our job is to respect each Style Guide of each license. Our creative departments comply with a universe, while affixing their own style, the Abysse Corp Touch!