Abysse Corp - logistic platformThe Abysse Corp logistics platform

A veritable crossroads of goods from around the world, Abysse Corp works each day with a multitude of games, toys and tie-in products on its logistics platform right here on our premises in Normandy. This may be busting a long-held myth but Son Goku doesn’t appear on the store shelves on his magical cloud, he needs our help!

In order to organise all our client orders perfectly, we have turned to our logistics service, one of the most powerful and successful distribution tools in Europe in this industry. It was thanks to those guys & girls that you received your Batman figurines on time and in good condition.


Abysse Corp - TrucksA platform at the heart of exchanges

Located near the city of Rouen, less than 2 hours away from Paris, our two warehouses and our logistics platforms of 6 000m² are strategically vital points, both for import and re-expedition of our articles from France and through Europe.

Internally, our logistics team is in constant contact with the production, sales, purchasing departments and the management team allowing the optimisation of the movement of our products. Our strength resides in the capacity of our team to coordinate all the different needs of our teams and to organise the supply chain according to these requirements.


Abysse Corp - logistic departmentA rigorous organisation

Our logistic service relies on a team of fifteen people orchestrating the movement of our products, of the reception and the expedition. With the aim of managing the flow of goods in the best conditions, several steps are essential for a fully functional logistical supply chain. The reception of the products (packages, pallets, containers) allows the correct control of the merchandise before to storage according to a system that facilitates picking (collect production). We also answer to the requirement demanded by our sub-distributors when preparing their orders. Finally, we select a transporter and organise the transport of the products.

“We constantly strive to improve the logistics supply chain with the aim to reduce preparation time. It is a job that requires a lot of attention to detail!” Cyrille, Logistics Manager

Abysse Corp - c3pO & r2d2Our engagements

To ensure the availability of the products on offer

To treat your orders in a timely manner

To guarantee product packing in accordance with your expectations

To control the correct delivery of the products, even from a distance

To find solutions adapted to your specificities